Why 4 Ethernet Ports if no Link Aggregation

Hey guys,

Just curious as to why there are 4 ethernet ports if you can’t set up Link Aggregation?

Does it still benefit from increased bandwidth if all four are connected to the network?

Would love an explanation on this! I probably just don’t know what the “sister” technology is to Link Aggregation.



The B1200i has 4 ethernet ports, 3 for use with iSCSI and 1 management port for the normal LAN. The management port is used so that dashboard can see the unit from other workstations/servers that connect to the LAN.

The 3 iSCSI ports can be used to connect volumes to any server/workstation with an iSCSI initiator.

Currently we do not support link aggregation on the 3 iSCSI ports, as our hardware and software cannot currently support it.


Drobo Support

Round Robin

is it possible to install second interface card to Drobo?

I need to have more iSCSI interfaces.

Thank you.

You usual way to do “link aggregation” with iSCSI is to the configure the host initiator to use MPIO