WHS and Drobo


This has been a win, win result. WHS provides the functionality
of a server O/S that has 2nd to none client backups. The media
streaming capabilities of WHS 2011 have been outstanding. I
also like the capability of remote access and running a VPN to
backup an offsite PC. Together with a Drobo S, my data is
protected by disc redundancy.

Happy to answer any questions.

Yeah, after some shenanigans trying to get Thin Provisioning and WHSv1’s Drive Extender’s not-so-balanced balancing to play nice, I decided to go back to a single Drobo in my storage pool. This is in preparation for migrating to WHS 2011.

While it doesn’t have Drive Extender, it does have automated server backups, supports hardlinks too… will help my deduplication efforts in Snoop-de-dupe.

quick, if its not already taken, patent “Snoop-de-dupe” - thats my 7th suggestion for monkeymaking on these boards…
(hunt them down to win a virtual picture prize LOL - and if you make it big dont forget my 10%) :slight_smile: