Who wants a Web UI for their Drobo?


Along with more information, which we all know is required, I think we would all appreciate a web UI which can be used regardless of physical connection to the Drobo.

Not sure my thread will do much, but go to the link above and help us get some traction.



+1 Sure, that may save time not having to install the Drobo Dashboard on every computer when user simply want to view the Drobo’s status… but on a second thought, there isn’t really many “status” you can check on a drobo… maybe they can add some Temp info and stuff in the web interface.

I’d use it!

A web UI would be handy.
e.g. You might want to create a volume for a Linux server that has no native dashboard. It’s also be handy for shutting down the system, configuring iSCSI and checking activity logs/status.