While replacing 1 drive, 2nd Drive starts Red Light flashing


I am using 4 different Drobo Drives but only one is giving me Problems:
my Drobo 5d. When I started it the drive No. 5 had a Red Light. I removed the drive and replaced it with another one. Several times when I started, all drive indicators showed solid red light. After switching off and on a bit later, all drives showed yellow and green flashing. The blue lights at the bottom kept moving. But then suddenly the light of drive 3 starts flashing red.

I really don’t know what to do now. All drives inside are 4 TB drives and they are full with video data.

Please advice!

Thank you.


Could be a problem with that drive, you might need to shut down & clone it to a replacement.

Thank you!
That is a great idea! Would Super Duper work?

I’m not familiar with that software, it’ll need something that can do a bitwise “forensic” clone, most of the Windows programs I know of to do that aren’t free, however any & all Linux distros & I believe MacOS come with dd which will… though it’s best not to make errors with that, officially it’s short for disk dump… unofficially it’s widely known as data destroyer.

I have Acronis 2018-would that work? (I use Mac and Windows)
if not then please suggest some other Windows Programs
Thank you.

I haven’t used Acronis in over a decade, it might or might not have suitable options, depends if it’ll let you select an apparently uninitialized & unpartitioned drive as the source, & clone it with anything like “Intelligent sector copy”, or how ever they designate “used space only” turned OFF.

If the options exist, they’ll likely be tucked away in advanced settings with advice not to use them (owing to the inordinate extra time used compared to the default operations).

Drobo mention a couple of candidates here: Document (drobo.com)

Personally I’m familiar enough with using command-line tools I’d probably use dd or ddrescue, but I’m guessing you’re happier with a GUI.

this is very nice of you to help me with all the links. I will first try to start to remove all and but them in one by one and then search for a cloning software.

Thank you so much!