Which media player to use

I’m looking for a HD media player i can connect to my drobo via usb.
3 * 2TB volumes on the drobo.
I have been searching for a while but cant seem to find a media player that will see all 3 volumes.
I would like to stay away from setting up a network if at all possible.
Basically looking for the easy option, Media player connected to television via HDMI and via USB to Drobo.

Any ideas???

what kind of media do you have, several of my friend have things with the WD-TV media player, and between the hideous UI and the fact it struggles with some codecs (it can play MKV, and even DTS, but it cant pick the DTS out of a DTS-HD stream (even thought dedicated receivers can))

with things like that you might be worth uping you budget a little and spending 299 on an ion based nettop PC (something like the revo) which can play damn near anything!

Approx 3TB worth of HD files, MKV, MPG, AVI , etc…
I have tried the WD-TV but it only recognises the first volume and ignores the other 2.

The budget isn’t really an issue.
just looking for a simple solution. (Media player connected to television via HDMI and via USB to Drobo)

ha - well if budget isnt an issue my current media pc is a silent HFX case (totally fanless), with a 3ghz core 2 duo, and a 10k raptor (the only moving part),.

you wnat to be running windows 7 for its media center, and then the media browser plugni for that, it looks spectacular and play literaly anything.

i’ve got a $30 geforce gt330 which has HDMi output and can hardware accelerate VC1 and h264 so that when playing back a bluray the passively cooled core 2 only gets about 5% usage (the graphic card is also passively cooled)

but before that i had an intel atom powered (with nvidia ion) asrock 330 which still handled everything

Thanks for the input but there must be an easier solution out there than a PC.
There has to be a media player (like WD-TV or similar) out there that can handle a drobo with 3 seperate volumes.

Has anyone found a MP that works with a drobo.