Which Drobo should I get?

Ok, at home, I have 3 things on my network

  1. Drobo v2
  2. Qnap 639
  3. WHS

Now, I’m trying to buy something for my radio station that will be a central storage location. This will be accessed via shares for backing up radio shows, storing out digital archiving project of all our home grown materials (mostly reel2reels), and anything else we can toss in it. Do you think that a drobo pro or drobo elite would be the best so that students don’t really have to muck with it besides watching the remaining storage or for failed drives? Or does someone have another idea? I would probably hook it up to a linux server.

Since you’re hooking it up to a Linux server already, it’s pretty open. You could do a BYO, but that’d require some semi-Linux-savvy students if something goes wrong. On the flip-side, you could connect remotely for troubleshooting and guide someone through the physical processes…

Drobo Pro/Elite would definitely be less intimidating and easier for the students to understand, even my wife can maintain my Drobo. :slight_smile:

that’s sort of what I’m thinking… I just put in the budget $2K for “storage”.
I’m probably going to rsync it to my house or something.
.481TB for recording radio shows per year.

Then we have 200 10" 4-channel reel2reels that need to be converted to digital stuff going back to the early 70’s.
Then we have the protools info going forwards.