Which DROBO is which?

I have an older DROBO DRO4D-D.

What I can not figure out which legacy product it is. A DROBO S or FS, just DROBO? I want make sure I have the latest firmware installed.


It appears you have a Drobo Gen2, which can be confirmed by a firewire connection and 4 drive bays. The Drobo FS and the S both have 5 drive bays.

I just got a 4-bay I bought on eBay. I’m buying an AC adapter tomorrow, so haven’t powered it up yet.
It is a DRO4D-U.
4 bays, one USB (old school connector).

Meanwhile: what does the “U” stand for or indicate?
How can I tell the firmware version? (Dashboard?)
BTW it came from the US and I am in Australia.

I used an 8-bay a while back at work but the business’s parent company folded and so did we. That Drobo got sent to the Administrators who probably use it as a doorstop.


hi john,
if your new gen1 only has a power socket and a usb then it is a Gen1 (1st gen model)

dashboard should be able to show you the version of it.
(the gen1 can only take drives up to 2TB, but if you are just about to start using it with new/empty drives, then you might as well patch it to the latest firmware version)