Which Drobo is right for me. . .

Greetings all,

Just looking for a little advice. I’m split between getting a Drobo FS or a Drobo S.

Currently, the drobo will be used as my primary HD and will also run Time Machine on it for backups. However, I know I’ll be getting Apple TV in the future and I want to be able to use the Drobo then as a Media Server.

While the FS will do what I need now, I hate the fact that it’s only GB ethernet hookup. I feel this cripples me somewhat for whatever the future holds. I expect to have the Drobo running for many years, and I want to be able upgrade to future technologies as they arrive. I’m not sure if the FS will allow that, but feel more secure if I had a drobo w/ USB and FW, so I’d be able to handle larger files and have more options in the future.

I’d like to get the S model and hook it up to my Airport Wireless Router via the USB, and later run a media server through it. I’m open to hooking it up to a Mac Mini in the future to, just not now.

Any advice on which direction will be the most forward compatible for me?

I just got a new Drobo S. I picked it over the DroboFS because I wanted eSATA. As long as you are planning to have the host computer or Airport running 24/7 then I’d suggest letting it do the sharing and get a DroboS.

I have my DroboS hooked up to my Mac Pro and I store all of my video files on it and share most through iTunes for my AppleTV2. Works great.

Thanks dpuett!
That’s what I was thinking. Ideally, I could run it by hooking it up to the Airport via USB. However, this will not allow me to run droboapps through with I could run a media server. And by not being hooked up to a computer, I can’t always share via iTunes. Not sure if I need to share it all the time though.
Do you know that if I hooked it up via USB to the Airport Base Station, to share media from it would all I have to do is turn on my laptop, access the Drobo on the Airport, then use iTunes to stream from it?
I’m not sure if that’ll work, just wanted to see if you knew the answer.
Thanks for your input!

I wanted a network shared drive once, hooked up my 4 Bay drobo to the airport. It worked alright (over the air). However if I transferred larger files, the transfer speed was terrible. So I wnet back to attaching the Drobo directly to the PC

Unless you are computer-phobic, I would go with Drobo S. If you need to share the contents, you can share it from the attached computer, and if you find yourself sharing content all the time, you’d want to look at a server anyway.

Drobo FS, it is what it is.
Drobo S, you have more options in terms of speed, sharing and speed of sharing.