Which Drobo do I Have?

I have a 4-bay Drobo that I bought in 2010. Amazon says I ordered model DR04DD10.

The Drobo web site maddeningly doesn’t refer to model numbers when it talks about what is supported.

According to the dashboard, I am running firmware 1.4.2, which the Gen1 Drobo does not support.

But the only place I can find a table that claims to list which models are which device, is on Wikipedia (not the most reliable source)

It claims that DR04DD10 is Gen 1, but it also says that model does not have Firewire. But the model I have DOES have firewire ports.

As the array is five years old, I want to replace the drives and I’d like to buy larger than 2 TB drives. It seems like all of the Drobos support larger drives except Gen 1, BUT THE DROBO SITE DOESN’T LIST ANYTHING TO TELL ME WHAT A GEN 1 DROBO IS.

Why is this so hard?

There is a “which 4-bay Drobo do I have” page that lists model numbers of the two old four-bay Drobos, but it does not list whether those are Gen 1 or Gen 2. (Plus, now there is a new 4-bay Drobo that only has USB 3.0 that is not listed on that page.)

How hard would it be to put together a table somewhere on the site that lists every Drobo, the model number, the “marketing name”, the number of bays, interfaces on the device, max hard drive capacity and max firmware?

When I formatted the drive, I had the option to make the virtual volume 16 TB and I did. I’m hoping that since that was allowed, the device can support drives larger than 2 TB.

Appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Thank you

hi, if you have a 4 slot drobo, with usb and firewire ports, then it sounds like the gen2[hr]
(btw the virtual volume can also be higher than 2tb for a gen 1 as that is more to do with thin provisioning rather than capacity)

the idea of even having a sticker saying “gen-x” for the gen is useful

I know this is a very old post but I wanted to reply in case anyone else finds this post as I did in my search. I had the same issue and exactly the same model number. I finally figured out how to find which gen I had. Did you register your product? If you login on the drobo support site to view you registered products it will tell you.


You have a gen 2 if you have firewire I think. Wikipedia is wrong.


thanks for the post jallenclark