Which drive to pull?

Every few weeks, my DroboFS has been reporting (through sending emails) that it has lost a drive…then, within 10 minutes, it reports everything is fine.

It makes me think one of the drives is flakey.

Now I’m almost out of space (94% full). My 2 smallest drives are both 3TB. I’m hoping the flakey one is one of them.

But the question is, which one should I pull? Is there any way to figure out which one has been dropping out?

(Support has been no help, suggesting I buy a 5N. Not sure how this would help. I’m also not buying one until they release a NAS that has a > 16TB capacity…I figure I’ll break 16TB in 2 years)


I would shut down drobo and remove all drives to test them on a PC with a manufacturers diagnostic software.

Presumably a non-destructive test? Kind of freaks me out…I’d be worried my data would be gone if I ran some unknown diagnostic on it…