Where's the bottleneck?

I have a Drobo, DroboShare, 3 Seagate Freeagents, and a MacMini connected together.
Drobo -> DroboShare (USB 2.0)
DroboShare -> Network (Ethernet - Uverse)
Seagates (daisy chained) -> Drobo (All FireWire 800)
Drobo -> MacMini (FW 800 to 400)
MacMini -> Network (Ethernet - Uverse)

I’ve noticed that when I copy files from one of the Seagates to the Drobo I’m getting a speed around 1 gig per minute. That seems slow. There are so many possible connections I’m wondering how the data is being transfered? The Seagate and Drobo I’m currently working with are connected via FW800.

Also, the way I have things connected, isn’t the Drobo both a NAS and a DAS? I’m hoping that is the case because I’m wanting to stream BluRay from Drobo to my MacMini (running Plex). The slowest wire is the FW 400 from the Drobo to the MacMini.


[quote=“bwise101, post:1, topic:847”]…
I’ve noticed that when I copy files from one of the Seagates to the Drobo I’m getting a speed around 1 gig per minute. That seems slow.
1GB/mn = 16 MB/s
That is a bit below a FW-attached Drobo, but you have to expect some slowdown from DroboShare and Ethernet.
Furthermore, since your Drobo and Seagates are daisy chained on the same FW, that further slows transfers down.
Unfortunately, Drobo is VERY slow compared to a single FW-attached disk, even ignoring any inter-connexions.
See this thread for instance.

Do you only have one Drobo? If so, your scheme is not supported. You can only use one interface at a time. I’d ditch the DroboShare and share your files out using the Mac Mini instead.

Yes, one drobo. So then you are saying the Drobo can’t be both a DAS and a NAS? If so, that sucks because that is one main reason I bought it.

What are you using the Drobo for?
Is it just backup, or is it part of your main storage?
If it’s main storage, what are you keeping on there and what are you doing with it?
How many computers are accessing the files?
Are all the files to be public on your network, or do you need some to be access restricted?

The answers to those questions would help decide where you should best attach the Drobo to get best performance where you need it.

So you have 2 Drobos? One on a Share and one attached to a computer?

If you only have 1 drobo, I’m not sure what you mean you can’t see the Drobo but you can see the Droboshare.

Sorry, I have one Drobo. I meant on another computer that is on the network I can go to “Workgroup” computers and I see the DroboShare. If I double click it it only says “Printers and Faxes”. I’m unable to see the files on Drobo from any computer other than the MacMini.


Ok, going to move this thread to the droboshare thread.

So can you manually map to it from the windows machine?


Start --> Run - Mapping DroboShare:

Start > Run > \DroboShareName orDroboShare IP address, right-click on the Drobo and map the drive.


Go > Connect To Server > smb://DroboShareName/DroboVolumeName

When prompted for a Password, leave blank and click OK

I went to Run and typed in “Droboshare”. It opened a window that has one thing in it, “Printers and Faxes”. I went to tools at the top of that window and chose “Map Network Drive.” It opened a window with two drop downs, first a drive letter and the second a folder to map to. When I browse for the folder I don’t see “Drobo” at all. I also tried to put in smb://Droboshare/Drobo as the folder. But that network name/path couldn’t be found.


Okay, first… There is only one interface connection and the power connection active on your Drobo, yes? IOW, you only have Firewire, or you only have USB connected on the Drobo, yes?

Drobo can’t talk on both interfaces simultaneously AFAIK… DroboShare is a “computer” or client just like your Mac.

If you have both your Mac (Firewire) and DroboShare (USB) connected to the Drobo, only one of them will work.
You’ll still see the DroboShare, because it’s powered on and connected to the network, but it won’t see the Drobo, which is why you aren’t seeing a Drobo shared folder until the DroboShare “computer.”

ok smb is for the mac, sorry thought i had added that to my note.

Does dashboard on that windows machine see the droboshare?

On the windows machine I have not installed Drobo Dashboard. However, when Droboshare is not on standby I can see it and the Drobo drive. I’m not sure what happened earlier.

I’m bummed that this system isn’t a NAS and DAS at the same time.

I posted the NAS/DAS question back in October on a Plex forum:

I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for everyone’s help.

I looked at the thread you point to, and it looks to me like no-one answered you over there. Given what you are doing (media tank) I think either of the two possible solutions will work just fine:

  1. Hook the Drobo to the DroboShare using USB 2.0. Set up all your other machines to point to the DroboShare volumes.
  2. Hook the Drobo to the Mac Mini directly (USB 2.0 or FW, your choice, just not both…) and share your files out using the OS X filesharing.

Option 2 is more flexible and will give better throughput, but in your application I doubt you would really see a difference for streaming. You would see a difference in the speed of putting things onto the Drobo, but if you do that occasionally but stream a lot then I doubt that it will really hurt you either way. I’d do the Mac Mini thing if it’s on all the time, in fact that’s exactly what I’m doing, with the Drobo feeding AppleTV and local iTunes.