Where to buy hard drives for Drobo S

Help! First time ever having a drive blink red. I have two open bays on my Drobo S, can’t seem to remember where I bought my last drive. Where can I purchase two more drives for my empty bays on the Drobo S?

hi, im not sure of the best place for you in terms of cheaper or location, but if you know what drive was working fine in your drobo before the failure, then looking for any place near you that has the same drive (model/size etc) would probably ensure maximum compatibility, to at least help to get your drobo back into a healty state again.

(if you are not sure, then what you could do is to shutdown drobo from dashboard, and to power all off.
then to remove the faulty drive to look at the drives label to get the info you need, and then to put that drive back into drobo)

then when you get the replacement drive, you can power up the drobo again, and if it still shows green lights for the other drives, but still with a flashing red for that faulty drive, then you should be able to remove it, and to replace it and drobo and dashboard should recognise the removal/replacement and shortly start rebuilding for you.

(alternatively, if you do not have too much data on your drobo, and the data hopefully should be still accessible even though 1 drive failed, then you could start copying / pasting and verifying your data somewhere else in the meantime while you wait for the new drive to arrive).