Where the h*** is that long awaited firmware update?!?!?!

Dear Drobo!
Shortly after the release of OSX Lion this summer you released a updated firmware to make Drobo work with the new(ish) version of AFP required by for instance TimeMachine. This killed performance on the drobo and even if i have been somewhat lucky compared to others on this forum i am now running out of patience. I can only run one time machine session at the time or they will go on forever meaning i almost have to schedule my unscheduled and constantly running backups… and only one client can stream data (a movie) or i will experience stutter. (yes my clients are connected via cable, not wireless and this used to work before and i do have sufficient disk space left).
I have read on this forum that a new firmware is under development and should be releaseed soon for a couple of months now but noting is happening. Have you closed down development? Is it time for me to consult ebay and source another NAS unit that is actually alive and kicking?
Please Drobo, tell me everything is under controll and a updated will be out asap. I do think you have a fantastic little machine with great features when all is working.

just my two $


If you haven’t already, please make sure you’ve logged a support ticket so when the time to budget resources comes, it is high on the list.


Bumping an issue from last week is rather pointless. Opening a support ticket as bhiga recommended is worthwhile.

I opened a support ticket, and was told that they would help me DOWNGRADE to v.1.12 That was over a week ago, and they actually haven’t offered to help yet.

I called support last night and I got this emailed to me.

My time machine is now backing up to my Drobo.

Currently using dashboard 2.0.5
OSX 10.7.2
Drobo FS firmware : 1.2.0

Thank you for contacting Drobo Technical Support. I would recommended creating a new time machine share on the Drobo FS and pointing the drobo to the new share. Their are some other recommendation procedures in drobo kb article #612 http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/612/kw/612

Thank you for your patience

Michael K.
Technical Support Agent

How would yet another support ticket help them to solve a known problem?
They know there are issues with the current release and as noirnet write, their solution is to downgrade. This is not a solution to me as i am forced to use Lion on my Mac and this requires the most recent release due to changes in the AFP protocol.

Drobo, come on now!!

Not really. I’m running 1.1.1 and the latest netatalk. Long story short, my Lion-based Mac Mini is backing up quite nicely to the FS. The performance isn’t bad either.

You can find the latest netatalk for the FS here: http://www.droboports.com/app-repository/netatalk-2-2-1

Warning: there are some caveats, please read that page carefully.

Thanks a million for this!!
I’ll give it a try as soon as i possibly can…


It’s called prioritization, folks.

Ok. So i finally got some time to play around a bit.
Generally it seems like a nice fix and i have speed back again and the tip with updating Netatalk seems nice but i am seeing some permissions issues where i can’t access folders with the updated Netatalk that i can with the stock version.
If i list the folders in SSH i see this:
drwx–S— 24 root root 4096 Aug 22 09:04 Documents

while i would guess it should look something like this:
drwxr-xr-x 17 root root 4096 Oct 23 09:32 Fifth gear

But i will continue this investigation in the correct thread

I would still like Drobo to take it’s responsibilities and release a official version with the appropriate speed and full AFP support!

It’s finally out!!!

My performance has more than doubled so situation has for sure improved!!
It was late but it is finally out.

Thanks Drobo!!