Where does mSata show up?

Hi Everyone,

I bought a Drobo Mini and have:

2x Samsung M9T 2TB 2.5" (9.5mm) HDDs
1x Sandisk Enterprise 128GB mSATA SSD

I installed the mSata drive first, then the HDDs, but not sure where I should be seeing the mSata drive… I know it doesn’t show up as storage, but surely it should show up SOMEWHERE so I know Drobo is actually seeing and using it?


It doesn’t appear to the user. It’s used by Drobo as a cache.

It’s like the old 486 days where you could add Level 2 cache as a separate module on the motherboard, but you’re probably too young to remember that. :slight_smile:

It certainly shows up in my Drobo 5N in the Drobo Dashboard (“Hot Data Cache is active”).

(I can’t add an attachment to this post, however, which is really infuriating.)

Thanks for the reply, but I am aware of this.
My question was asking where the information is displayed that Drobo Mini is actually seeing the mSata drive and using it…

*** EDIT ***

How strange. Yesterday nothing appeared. Today the words Hot Cache Enabled and a small icon has appeared…


maybe it just takes a bit of time to show it (or maybe dashboard was restarted since yesterday?)

Ahh, sorry, I misunderstood your question. Glad it has finally showed up. I wonder if it ran some sort of integrity check or something. Of course the simpler answer was that it’s just slow to update. :slight_smile: