where does Drobo FS store creation times?

I know that Drobo FS is Linux based and that Linux’s ctime is actually file information modification date. So, it was no surprise that when I moved files to Drobo FS from Windows XP, I get, on Drobo FS, creation time that is the same as modification time which is the same as the modification time when the file was on my windows system. I assumed that Drobo FS is faking the creation times by duplicating the modification times. This is still true if I later edit a file from Drobo FS; the two times both change together. But, if I create a file on Drobo FS, I then actually get the real creation and modification times!
If I connect to Drobo FS via SSH, I run “ls -la” to see mtime and “ls lac” to see mtime. Mtime matches the modification time, but ctime matches mtime, so where is the creation time that I see being kept?

I have the newest firmware and only installed Perl and SSH server that are on Data Robotic’s application website.

I found this an interesting question as well. I assume what you’re seeing as “creation time” is actually the inode change time (a concept I’d never heard of until today). More details in this mailing list post: