Where can I order a power supply for my DroboPro 8 bay?

I don’t see where I can order parts for my DroboPro. The power supply does come out with casing off and a few screws holding the power supply in. That’s all I need. I don’t want to spend another $1k on another array b/c a power supply blew.

I have the same issue and Drobo support is beyond worthless. The have EOL he product as of December 14th 2014 and won’t assist with anything. Their only recommendation was to buy a new unit which while format my old drives and loose all the data. It’s ridiculous.

drobo NON-support : “I’m sadly not able to help you any further here. Your DroboPro is simply to old and certain issues you may see in combination with new operations systems are not addressed anymore with these old units.
I recommend to upgrade your Drobo in order to get help (the upgrade possibly resolve the issue directly).”