When purchasing a new computer...

When buying a new computer is there anything more required than to unplug the Drobo from the old tower and plug it into the new tower? How does the new computer recognize the Drobo and access it?

hi jim,
in theory there shouldnt be much more needed than that, though sometimes you might need to install dashboard (and to check some firewall permission settings, especially on mac).

its usually best to install dashboard, for access to some of its features (such as using it to shut down a drobo, or to at least be able to keep a more accurate track of the overall used and free space on the drobo).

(another example with other devices, is say with an iomega drive… zip drives have always been cool, and still are, but whenever i had to move an internal ide/atapi drive to another computer, or plug in an external zip drive, i still often install the tools disk)

As long as you’re not changing OS (Windows-to-Mac) you should be fine.