Whats Wrong With My Drobo S?

I have a Drobo S that I purchased a few months ago. I recently woke up to it rebuilding, which I thought was odd, and so when the short rebuild was done I put in a support ticket (100411-000009) with the Diagnostics file attached. I was surprised when someone emailed me back saying I had to replace my Drobo S with another unit. I was told that I should wait and someone from RMA would contact me.

So today I get a call from someone at Drobo telling me I need to send back my Drobo S, and that not only would I have to send the Drobo S out myself and wait for it to get there, but that I would have to wait for it to return via ground shipping as well. When I asked about advanced replacement, he told me that not only do I need to buy Drobocare, which I would actually be fine with, but that he has to put a $799 hold on my debit card. I don’t have a credit card, and I don’t make enough money that putting $799 on my debit card randomly is an option. I don’t want to be without my data for two weeks. I didn’t buy a Drobo so I could be without my Data for two weeks. I promise I’m not trying to rip Drobo off and score myself a free Drobo S, I just want my Data without having to pay another $800

Can anyone help me?

I doubt anyone on the forums could help you (its mainly peer help - aside from jennifer) - you would need to call and have your issue escalated

That is how our warranty works.

If you have DroboCare you qualify for the advanced exchange. Which DOES require a pre-authorization on a credit card in order for the Drobo to be sent to you before we receive your unit. We ask for a credit card number in order to secure the return of the defective unit. Your card will not be charged if you return the unit within 8 business days.

Standard Warranty without DroboCare is you send us your Drobo and once we receive it, we will send out the RMA unit.


Q: What is the difference between Hardware Exchange and Advanced Replacement if I have to return my unit? Who pays for shipping*?

Hardware Exchange is the standard replacement policy, whereby Data Robotics ships a replacement unit only after receiving your defective unit. Customers pay to ship the unit to the repair center. This applies to any unit covered under the Standard Warranty. Customers must obtain an RMA number BEFORE shipping the defective unit. If your unit is covered under DroboCare, you are entitled to Advanced Replacement, whereby Data Robotics ships the replacement unit as soon as arrangements are confirmed with support. You do not have to wait for your defective unit to arrive at the repair center before the replacement ships. Data Robotics pays shipping costs in both directions*. When you receive your Advanced Replacement unit, a pre-paid shipping label is included for the return of your defective unit.