What's the point of Plex app for NAS if it's too slow?

I had been using Plex for years with my Mac Mini and it worked fine. But then I wanted the convenience of a NAS (more storage space with easy expandability), so I bought a Drobo 5N and a Drobo 5Dt. Things work find if I use my PC and Drobo 5Dt but I wanted all my media on a true network.

So I installed Plex on my Drobo 5N but it appears to be incapable of handling anything above SD content regarding videos. I’ve heard that Drobo NAS is not fast enough to really transcode movies over SD. So what’s really the point of having the Plex app for Drobo if it can’t do much?

Marc G.

It’s useless really, unless all your media can play without transcoding.