What's the longest you've had to wait after replacing a drive?

I have the Drobo 5C unit connected to a Mac mini Server (Mid 2011) running macOS 10.13.6, and the Drobo was running out of space (2x 2TB drives and 3x 4TB drives). No problem, this is why I bought a Drobo. So I replaced one of the 2TB drives with a 4TB drive and it starts doing data redistribution.

About two weeks later, it’s still doing it. Sometime around then, I being the buffoon that I am decide it’s taking too long and try restarting it (in retrospect not sure why, but that felt like long enough), so I just click the power switch, wait for all of the lights to turn off, and then click it again to turn it on (never unplugging it). It correctly displays how full it is with the indicator lights, and it just resumes data redistribution, so I figured that didn’t break anything.

About two months later, it’s still doing redistributing… This whole time, the drive has been inaccessible, mostly not connected to the computer but occasionally popping onto the dashboard and disappearing again. I decide that the data that isn’t backed up on there isn’t very important, and the important stuff exists elsewhere, so I reset it a few days ago. It took some emotional effort, but I think it was the right decision (I’ve had it longer than the included warranty).

Now it’s empty and has larger capacity, but it disconnects from my computer every so often. When I start a transfer of a lot of files, I usually have to go resume it later since the disconnect stops the transfer.

My concerns are:
What if this happens again? Is it guaranteed to finish redistributing if I didn’t power it off? What if there’s a momentary power outage?
Also, is the periodic disconnect a result of the drives? Or is this a problem with the device itself?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

It seems like you have done things correctly, so it should not be disconnecting.

If you have not loaded the HDD-pack up yet with data, you could do another full factory reset, with only 2 HDDs in it (say 2x 4TB), and then progressively add HDDs one by one (wait until each one achieves the Green light before adding the other). Then do a few tests with data transfers.

Drobos have an internal battery to protect it immediate power outages, but it only lasts about 5-10 seconds, enough for it to go into a safe state awaiting a reboot. Though this may not be as effective after such a long time as batteries degrade over time.

Ok thanks! I will try that.

For the past week or two it’s been fully disconnected from my computer. Drobo Dashboard didn’t see it and neither did the disk manager nor USB bus. However, I just checked, and it appears on the USB system report section but nowhere else. I restarted it a few days ago but it did not fix it. Maybe I’ll try restarting everything again.

If you can see it on a system report, run a disk utility software over it first, to correct any directory issues before you venture on.

I did, the drives seem to be in good shape. I restarted everything again and it shows as connected now. Now I’m getting very slow drive speeds, a few megabytes per second.

You may need to go for a full factory reset.

I think that’s a good idea, can’t hurt :slight_smile: Thanks for your continued support!