what's the flipping ETA on oxygen cloud?!

drobo folk - this ‘coming soon’ on the oxygen cloud is getting old. can we get some hard info as to what’s going on, and when - specifically - this might be ready?

i don’t think it’s fair to use this a notable part of the marketing of this device, and then simply not include it, nor give much or any update about when it will be included. i’m all for salesmanship, but pushing something that simply isn’t part of the product seems out-of-bounds.

as a separate but related issue, i’ve heard that the root password gets habitually reset to ‘root’ upon reboot each time, which seems like a glaring security holland tunnel for a device that’s intended in part to sit on the net. so it would be nice if that was addressed, or even acknowledged in the separate thread here if it is a real issue.

but that said, one of the reasons i raced out (my mistake perhaps?) to buy this FS was the notion of easy congress with cloud-based backup solutions.

you were successfully able to charge my credit card 100% of the price; why am i not getting 100% of the advertised features? and let’s say this drags out another 6 months, and i value oxygen cloud as 50% of why i bought the device… are you going to send me $325 back?

anyone can sit back and throw out ideas that WOULD be great if successfully executed, but if i marketed them and took actual cash someone would eventually stop me. watch this: ‘jetpack anyone?’ ‘hey, who wants to buy this awesome teleporter?’ ‘time machine, 20% off, today only!’

i guess what i’m saying - to play on your apple adulation - is that steve jobs has never to my knowledge pushed a feature on an upcoming product so it propagates on every tech blog, and then not had that feature in the product when it came out. maybe apple tv wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, but it didn’t simply NOT HAVE what he sold it as having.

so as an item that might be filed under ‘customer relations 101’ it would be good if jennifer or someone else would stop sidestepping the various queries about this and give us [or me if nobody else cares] a real update.


p.s. if this has been released with some fanfare and i just missed it, i’m happy to be publicly lambasted.

well said.


I usually didn’t like to do that, but the originator said it all.

I fully agree having just purchased a Drobo FS with the cloud as one major advertised buying criteria. Please advise ASAP otherwise I will consider returning and going with Buffalo Technology’s Linkstation that offers full NAS and cloud – today!

All - I just responded to this in another thread. As I stated there, we were very clear in our briefings and mentions of the app that it was still under development. There will be a formal beta in late May with the release scheduled for June. If you would like to participate in the beta, please send an email to marketing@drobo.com

Many thanks,

Jim Sherhart
Data Robotics

In my case, the Oxygen Cloud was also a reason to buy Drobo FS. I mean I wouldnt go that far to give it back when Oxygen would be not gonna happen, but still it is an feature I am definitely looking forward to.

What pissed me off lately was the point that it was impossible to get any information about the development state. The forums from Oxygen are dead (no thread / post since to months). Some twitter accounts from the guys are gone / no activity there.

Thats why I am glad to read the post from Jim, that gives me the hope this software is still in development and not dead already.

btw. I would love to get beta access.

To be fair. Oxygen Cloud IS NOT being developed by Drobo. It’s a private and separate company, and Drobo is just a partner of theirs.

If you check their webpage, http://www.oxygencloud.com/, you’ll see it says Coming Soon: Oxygen will be available coming this May.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if you want to complain, complain to marketing@oxygencloud.com the people responsible for the startup service, not to Drobo.

You can become a beta tester by emailing oxygenbeta@drobo.com.

Thanks Jennifer. Please use the beta email alias posted by Jennifer above if you interested in participating.



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I was just wondering how our favorite piece of vaporware was progressing. Sounds like it’s second on the list — right behind Duke Nukem.

Given how aggressively Drobo/DR shilled Oxygen Cloud as part of the the FS launch (Just google “Drobo” and “Oxygen Cloud” together), I’m starting to think someone owes us a refund.

I e-mailed to be a part of the beta months ago and still haven’t heard anything. I also feel like I’m missing half the product I paid for, since I can’t put the thing on the internet without some sort of triple-redundant power back-up to make sure my root password doesn’t get reset.

jim - any follow up thoughts on this? thanks in advance…

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Why should delivering on a promised product get in the way of moving a few Drobos? The moderators have disappeared, any mention of the beta is long gone and we’ve got a product that doesn’t deliver the functionality that was sold to us.

It’s gone from understandable to inexcusable.

From the other Oxygen Cloud thread, I posted the following:

I checked in with our Marketing department and this is what they said:

Oxygen is committed to their DroboApp. It requires a client app on either Windows, OS X, or iPad/iPhone. The Drobo FS app is solid, they use it internally for development. They are working on stability issues for their desktop clients. Until those are resolved Oxygen doesn’t want to release. Having twice set and missed delivery dates, they want to define the criteria by which they will release, rather than set a date which they may miss.

And I have not disappeared.

lol@Jennifer, so ur the only admin here?

I am the moderator here yes. Some of the DRI staff (Sales and Marketing, Engineers, other tech support agents) do read and view the forums but I am the main point of contact on here.