What's the best way to get started?

I have owned my Drobo for about 4 months now and have loved it. However, I now realize that I should’ve taken a little more time to think out how best to configure the space allocations. Hopefully I’m not the only one that rips packaging apart and plugs something in as soon as it arrives without even thinking it through! Here’s what I want:

-Mirror of 650GB startup disk
-1TB of Time Machine
-The rest for iTunes storage

I currently have 2 - 1TB drives in the Drobo b/c I pulled my 2TB drive out this morning to migrate data off the Drobo for the partition re-work. Now my data is safe on my 2TB.

My question is how do I go about partitioning the Drobo. I see posts about how people are using their partitions for different things, but I only get one possible volume name each time I try to re-format(see image).

Also, let me know if I’m headed down the wrong path. Now is the time to set it up right and I don’t mind your input. Thanks all! BTW- I’m a Mac


I have a similar setup. I have a mirror (sparsebundle created by SuperDuper), TimeMachine and iTunes/media living on my Drobo.

I have a single volume/partition and used TimeTamer to control the size of my TimeMachine backup volume. Since the size of my SuperDuper mirror is fixed, and the size of my media doesn’t change drastically (without me noticing) I was only really left with the need to limit TimeMachine.

I decided that having the flexibility of a single volume/partition was more important in the long term, so I avoided creating a separate area for TimeMachine (though I was initially tempted).

The main problem you face with creating separate partitions is the potential for wanting change in the future. If you ever do need/want to change your setup going forward you’ll need to move all of the data off the Drobo first. In my case, I simply don’t have another redundant storage setup large enough to house what is on my Drobo.

All that said, I am new to the Drobo world and would like to hear what others have to say on this topic as well. Good luck.

Does this mean that you have no paritiions? How are you using superduper then? don’t you have to reformat that drive to use that or does it only use the space it needs and leaves the rest alone?