What's Next?

Hi All,
I’ve had a quick search but cannot locate a “wish list” or “things I want in a drobo” thread so here goes:

I know the official stance is ‘the first rule of planned products is you don’t talk about planned products’. However, I keep filling up drobos and want something a bit more substantial so I don’t keep bolting individual units on to my media storage/server box.

Has anyone, anywhere (unofficially or officially if we’re that lucky) heard if data robotics is making an 8 bay box with a standard ethernet port (instead of the iscsi interface) or an 8 bay box with esata?

Thoughts? Ramblings?

Cheers All.

when you say standard ethernet port, you mean an 8-bay NAS i.e. DroboFS but bigger capacity

why do you want eSATA rather than iSCSI? in both cases the limit would be drobo’s speed rather than the interface, so you may as well just use drobopro

Yes, sorry - when I herp I derp, I could have been clearer - I would like a DroboFS with a few more HDD bays.

I’d like to be able to connect into existing hardware for one. Every machine I have has a single ethernet port and a few esata, my router has a few ethernet ports that are not in use. This way I get to connect my higher-capacity storage into my network without having a dedicated PC/box churning away just to handball the files from the shared drive (what I was doing with my Drobo S).

For me, its able making do with what (almost) everyone already has. I would be happy with a higher capacity unit with esata, then I really don’t need to change much at all.

Anywho, back to trying to work out whiskey tango foxtrot happened to my DroboS this morning.

an additional network card is only about £320-30 though, so fairly negligible compared to the more than $1000 an 8 bay FS / drobopro would/does cost