What triggers Drobo-S to Verify/Scrub drives please?

please can someone from drobo tell us officially what triggers this process?

I have asked (alongside many others) in the past, and unless i missed the answer, it does not appear to have been answered.

The reason for asking this particular time, is as follows:

My drobo-S is usually powered on, only when i need to use it.
Often i will work on something locally, and then power on the drobo-S just to be able to backup something to it, or to run a syncback backup to it. (in other words, it might just be on for less than an hour on an adhoc basis.)

If you cant divulge trade secrets :slight_smile: then can you please confirm whether or not i am at a disadvantage in terms of data scrubbing/verifications etc, if i continue to use the drobo-S in this way?
(eg does it only start taking place, on the whole drive if you leave it on overnight)?

or does it systematically verify each block etc, (say it does 5% today, and then continues another 5% the next time, continuing on from the last block is procesed etc, until all blocks/areas are processed)?

if we can at least know what is the bare minimum that is needed in order for scrubbing, it will be very helpful.

(just to clarify, by scrubbing, (i understand that to be the active scanning for bad sectors/blocks etc througout the diskpack, also including passive data).

Since the drobo might be carrying out live verifications of data when a user read/writes a file, then i mean passive data to be data which “hasnt” been accessed for a while, or which is “not” actually being requested to be read by the user, “nor” being updated/written by the user at that time.)

if if missed something or could better clarify something please let me know too.


They have previously said that it tries to ensure that every block is scrubbed once each month

thanks for the info docchris

btw do you know how big a block is? (maybe it is a fixed size, or maybe it is variable and depends on how many drives are installed?)

i think one of the patents talked about 256mb, but it didnt specify whether it was fixed or not

why do you want to know? does it matter?

thanks, was just wondering