What the heck happened to my /Volumes folder?

Hi All,

I’m confused!

My setup: iMac w/ Lion.

I had all my programs pointing to my /Volumes/Public folder, but I rebooted and now I don’t have a /Volumes/Public folder any more…

I can’t figure out where I set that up originally.

This brain fart has lasted several hours now. Any assistance, please?

  • Thanx
  • Jon

Can anyone explain why I have two directories like this?




The 2nd one seems to be empty, but the first one gets me to what WAS just /Volumes/DroboFS before the reboot…

  • Jon

I am relatively new to the Mac platform, so I may be wrong. What I figured out so far is that the shares mounted in /Volumes are managed through the Drobo dashboard. The dashboard - once it is running - recreates these shares.
If you need the shares available at system boot time (e.g. for a media streaming application), then the Dashboard is a bad option: You need to be at least logged in, if not have the Dashboard launched manually.
I found help for this in the form of the automount file system, which is part of MacOS since 10.5. With this, you can define shares that are mounted automatically, as soon as they are needed. I now have all of my shares mounted with autofs, and no longer need the Dashboard running.
Link to the whitepaper: http://images.apple.com/business/docs/Autofs.pdf
Regards, Martin