what SSD?

Abut to buy a B810n

Are there any suggested 3.5 sata SSDs available, and what size?
Drobo’s drive information doesn’t even mention 810s

Im thinking of 6x4GB plus 2 SSD , is that an advantage or would I be better with 2 extra 4GB Drives.

It will be used for home/small business ( 2 users) backup and H264 video file Archive / Backup prior to editing.
(would be nice to pre-edit from Drobo before consolidating to editing codec.)

thanks Steve

Finding 3.5" SSDs is hard. In general its best to use 2.5" drives, with a carrier such as an ICYDOCK

These are very good


A couple of 200-240GB SSDs is what you need, such as the OCZ Saber 1000


If your workload is mostly backup, then you won’t really need the SSDs


hi steve,
the capacity calculator (with hybrid option) seems to show 240GB ssds (up to 3), though while it doesnt seem to mention specific ones there, there is another page here which has lots of useful info about compatible ones:
ah we posted at same time :slight_smile:

With what you are going with, I might go with an Samsung 850 EVO which is your top choices.[hr]
Samsung is pretty good, good performance vs price http://pc4u.org/best-ssd-for-gaming/

Have two 5D’s hooked up each to a different iMac for Data storage with SSD 1TB Accelerator cards. Want to buy the B800N to combine storage for both iMacs together. Considering 2 1Tb SSD’s for each side of the unit. Will this help speed up the I/O or will the SSD’s be slowed to the fastest speed of the HDD’s as I read in the Knowledge Base? How much? Currently in one of the 5D’s have 4 WD Red and 1 Seagate Black. Would I be better matching all drives as either Red or Black?

What about Migration from both the 5D’s to the B810N? Nothing in the support area concerning. Assume we aren’t we able to just move the drives Surely not workable as moving from 2 with 5 drives for a total of 10 HDDs to an 8 drive unit hopefully with 2 SSD’s. Suggestions for Migration? Back-up software copying to new unit with new clean drives? Perhaps 4 drives to start with and then adding the other 4 once first iMac data copied. Will be setting up the B810N for two drive failure protection.

Appreciate any help with this. Thanks!!