What size mSata to use?

Anyone know if there is a sweet spot for the size of mSata drive to use in mini?

I have tried to ascertain this from Drobo support but they have just come back with the list of compatible drives and saying you can use any size.

What I want to know is if there is any benefit of using say a 1TB msata against a 512MB msata drive. Another way of asking is at what size does the improved performance level off.

I’m a little confused myself too. Based on other blogs, specifications and tutorial/review videos, it looks like the largest mSATA drive supported is only 64GB (!). Drobo Tech Support, please help us out here because that seems a little low, especially when working with digital media assets like raw video.


any more ideas?

AFAIK there is no benefit of going with anything over 120GB

hi, this thread may help a bit too: