What Services are Required to Communicate with Dashboard

I have acquired a used B800fs but the Dashboard will not recognize it even though the station can ping the DHCP assigned address on the Drobro. Using Putty, I have terminal access to the Linux core and can even ping the network from the Drobo so I can confirm that the Ethernet ports are working. The Drobo will not respond to Telenet prompts so it appears that some if not all of the communication services are not loaded/running on the Drobo. My hope is to be able to start whatever services are required to so that the Dashboard can communicate with the Drobo and then reload the last release of the firmware for the unit. There is no data at risk here I just want to get the unit communicating.

Does anyone know what essential services must be running on the Linux core so that the Dashboard can discover and communicate? If not then e-waste for a perfectly good B900fs.