What next for Gen 2 Drobo

To make a long story short, I have a Gen 2 Drobo that has been flashing green/orange (as if it were re-laying out the data after inserting a new drive) for MONTHS. I’m just now getting around to try to get things back to normal. I have disconnected the USB cable and tried reconnecting to the same computer as well as another computer but the drive pack is not recognized. I think my only choice here is to power it down and see what happens upon powering it back up.

This has been a very flaky unit and I just want to get my data off of it. It used to get disconnected then reconnect on its own but now it’s just off in the weeds.

Any troubleshooting suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



hi bill,
i think bhiga mentioned something before about the backplane possible being damaged.

sometimes tilting the drobo with drives inside can damage it, but it might just be that over time, that flakyness might be fixed by a new unit. (i dread the time when that happens to my gen1 and gen2) :slight_smile:

There can be many things causing problems, but usually the main things can be generally categorised:
drobo hardware, dashboard, firmware
windows/mac operating system, drivers,
adapters, squashed cables, psu’s
and programs using drobo (active antivirus, finder/indexing tools, huge library files eg lightroom/timemachine)

so the only other thing i can think of right now, is that maybe the actual drives you are using inside your drobo, are having problems, (and luckily recovering) but still with problems…

just as a question - are you still using the original drives, which were in the drobo when you first started using the drobo, before/after it started having problems?