What lights should I see when repairing a drobo 5n


Hi Folks,

Like a lot of you, I have been hit with the “Mount Failed” error on my Drobo 5N after a power cut at home.

After the power cut, I powered on the Drobo and got a normal boot, with all green lights on my drives and healthy blue indicator lights. Then I get a message in the dashboard, which is under “System Information” in red “Critical” and, a orage caution symbol with “Mount Failed” on the bottom of the window.

I followed the process, made sure that the latest firrmware “4.1.4” was installed, and latest dashboard too “3.4.1”, did a graceful shutdown and started up again, but still no luck.

I carried on with the process, and ran the “Repair Drobo”, which then after less than 2 minutes said it was complete successfully, I then did a restart, then Drobo started showing amber lights all up the side, and 2 yellow lights down the bottom for a few seconds and I can hear some operational sounds (I am guessing), then all light go off for few seconds, then on again, and just keeps repeating the cycle.

This has been going on for a couple of days now, the documentation says that the repair could take day, weeks, or months depending on how corrupted the file system is, and there would be no indication of how long it would take.

What I want to know, is the cycle of lights I am seeing, the actual repair process? Has anyone performed the repair before and seen this behavior?

I don’t mind leaving it for days or weeks if I had to, as long as I know that it is doing the right thing.

Looking forward to some feedback.


If the activity light in the lower-right is no longer blinking, the repair should be done. I had the same mount issue, ran the repair and went to bed. When I awoke, the usage meter was back to where it was and the activity light was off. I haven’t been able to connect to the Drobo since. It’s been a week.