What is your spin down setting?

Hi Guys,

Just curious to know what you set your spin down setting to on your Drobo FS to?

On my old 2nd gen Drobo (USB) I use to have a script write to the drive every 5 mins or so, so it never spun down and it went for 2+ years with no problems or failures (it was on every day and only turned off now and then).

I’ve currently got my FS set to spin down every 2 hours idle time… but I did have it at 6 and may raise it again, as from past experience, the drives I have spun up/down or switched off regularly have died on me.

So what is yours set at?

I have mine set to a scant 15 minutes to try and keep my office as quiet as possible. However, something about AFP is “chatty” as every so often my Mac Mini will spontaneously access a share and wake it up.

I can’t point to any drive failures as a result of spin-up/down, but I can’t say it’s not a factor either. :slight_smile:

Spin down got broken on the latest FW upgrade as far as I know. Mine was set to 1hour before the upgrade. Worked fine.