What IS the latest firmware for my Drobo-FS?

I received a helpful email from Mario B. “…Take a moment to make sure your setup is up-to-date with the latest dashboard and firmware. We have made several improvements, and you will benefit from the latest supported features. Visit the Drobo download page to update first to the latest Drobo Dashboard (v 2.2.3), and then the latest firmware for Drobo FS (v1.2.4)”

I downloaded and installed the new Dashboard and all went smoothly.

Re the firmware – Mario’s message mentions “Drobo FS (v1.2.4)” which is the firmware I’ve been running on my FS for YEARS. I downloaded the newest firmware “DroboPro FS Firmware 2.1.3 for PC” (per the downloads page at the website) but see in the notes that it’s really only intended “This is a new release of Drobo Firmware. This version of Drobo Firmware is compatible with Drobo model B800fs and DroboPro FS”

Am I right in assuming (uhOH!) that my plain jane Drobo-FS should stick with the OLD firmware Drobo FS (v1.2.4)??

The DroboPro FS is a different model entirely. The firmware is not the same between different models. 1.2.4 is the latest version, but it’s not been out for “years”. :wink:

[quote=“diamondsw, post:2, topic:42845”]
…… 1.2.4 is the latest version, but it’s not been out for “years”.[/quote]

Hi – You’re right. It appears that I updated to 1.2.4 just last July.

I have to find a way to remember to triple-check when I’m being offered upgrades. Probably safest plan is to just do the check from within the Drobo Dashboard.

I do exactly that.
First, I wait to hear of an update (usually via Dashboard).
Second, I look in the release notes to see if it appears useful (seldom any details).
Third, I wait for people to post about their experiences with the update.

The early bird gets the cat. :smiley: