What is going on with DROBO as a company?

I’m not positive if this has already been addressed, but I can’t find anything related to this topic here. Every single product is sold out (including accessories). My 5D just died and now I’m thinking I have to abandon DROBO all together if they are no longer even a company offering actual products.

Hello Suarkttam, Yes I too have inquired about ANY update of productivity & still NO RESPONSE to my last email to the entire DROBO TEAM! See below for email submitted last week.

"Are there any encouraging updates of Drobo 5D3’s or any other Drobo products coming ONLINE SOON?

I might have to go to a different system of back-ups and I simply don’t want to because I love DROBO PRODUCTS!



Look forward to a response that will keep us REMAIN hopeful for Drobo’s return to the big stage.

Thank You"

I left DROBO long ago and stopped even using my multiple 5D’s for backup and went QNAP. In fact, any company besides DROBO is a better alternative. Oh and talk about speed increase! There is a reason DROBO never lists I/O speeds or any numbers in terms of performance. It’s because they are the slowest out there. I loved my Drobo 5D five years ago. It was a set it and forget it type of tech until something went wrong. Then it was a nightmare. Simply don’t have that with QNAP or DIY raid techs