What is a "Healed" Drive

I recently got this email “Degraded with one extra drive, you are protected against one hard drive failure” Followed by “Data protection is in progress. You may continue accessing your data, but please do not remove any hard drives until the data protection process has completed” Followed by "robo detected new drive(s) added.

======== Drive 4 ========
Product ID: WDC WD30EFRX-68E
Health: Good
Capacity: 3 TB"

Followed by “Drobo5N has completed rebuilding your data with the existing drives.”

Does this mean that drive failed and is failing.? Should I replace this drive immediately?

I am new at this and very concerned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hi, it sounds as though one of your drives failed, which triggered a rebuild, and that the rebuild successfully completed, but can i check if you had actually already also added a new drive (like that wd 3tb drive you mentioned above)?

it coud be that the drive partly failed for some reason, but that it then was reabsorbed back into the disk pack, but if you have any information about how much data you have on the drobo (used/free space) and the colour of the drive slots it could be useful.

Use the legend printed inside the removable front cover to interpret the coloured lights next to the drive slots to determine what action is needed. If it’s ambiguous then ask here.