What happens when the USB connection is severed?

When the USB connection is removed from my Drobo the lights all go out, so you can’t see what’s happening.

If it is in the middle of a recovery, after a disk removal, does it keep working?

yes - disconnecting USB doesnt immediate cut its power - it asks it to shutdown - if it is busy it will finish what it is doing (i.e. rebuilding) before shutting down

If I had the courage, I’d turn off the laptop that the Drobo is temporarily connected to. But it is about 7 hours into a 26 hour recovery, following the removal of a failing drive. I’ll try it with a simpler challenge as my maiden gambit!

When it’s ready, I’ll give it the new drive. Then I can play with the USB connection.

oh thats fine - my drobopro took about 2 days to rebuild, and i turned my machine on and off several times - the drobopro just kept on rebuilding away

just shutdown the laptop, it will be totally fine :slight_smile:

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