What happens when space runs out?

My drobo is emulating a 2Tb drive, and contains sufficient disks to hold 590Gb. I’m nowhere near that (6 lights) and I have a spare 1Tb drive, and a spare slot.

But I’m curious to know how my Windows XP would behave when it tries to write the first 4096-byte cluster that won’t fit? In other words, how will it tell me that something didn’t work?

It should say transfer failed.

Thank you for that. Let’s just hope that I never find out the hard way.

Your write speeds will be horribly slow when you get to around 95% full.

Yes… you never reach the end of your available space, drobo gets slower and slower as you get closer to 100% full.

I’m surprised Jennifer didn’t say that.

Aha! Putting off the inevitable. Good plan. Thank you.

Just as well that I keep a spare 1Gb drive in my drawer (insurance against a drive failure)

im guessing 1 tb :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… Showing my age. I come from the era when datacentre managers dreamed of having 1Gb of disk space. Now I have 1Tb sitting in a drawer, “just in case”.

I should ask a question here that I asked my colleagues. We tend to call 1Gb “One Gig”, does anyone have a comparable nickname for 1Tb?