What happens when I enable the Dual Disk Redundancy mode in Drobo Dashboard?

Dual Disk Redundancy is a feature that protects your data even if up to two hard disks fail. When you check the “Dual Disk Redundancy” option in Drobo Dashboard, the lights on the unit flash and you are still protected against a single hard disk failure until the background work is completed and the lights stop flashing, at which you point you are protected against two disk failures.
If you deactivate the Dual Disk Redundancy feature, DroboPro immediately goes into single disk redundancy mode.

Under what circumstances is the “Dual Disk Redundancy” featured grayed out, and how can it be restored? See my lengthy post under the Drobo to Drobopro migration.

I guess the downside is less usable space… but by how much?


@andybryant That depends on what size your drives are.

You can do this on the fly and see or you can use the Capacity Calculator for the DroboPro to see this as well: