What happens to the serial number if you sell your drobo?


a friend of mine is bugging me to sell him my Drobo.
Honestly i would like to do so, but I don’t know if he could use my serial number to create a account for himself here in the forum. Because I guess that this forum is the only way to have at least a chance to get happy with a Drobo.

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try and make a second forum account using the same serial number, yourself, and see what happens?

that could be an option, but I thought that one of the DRI stuff could say something before I run into the trouble that they deactivate both accounts.

I believe it will say that serial number is either in use or already available. Honestly I have never tried it.

I would have thought this would be a situation DRI would have prepared for, when I got my pro I sold both my v1 and v2 on ebay and surely those people should be able to access peer support?

They contact us and say they can’t register and I register them. If you like I can draw up disaster zombie plans for this sort of situation. :wink:

hm that is clearly something that should be solved in an easier way. I mean it is no problem if you sell something to someone you know, but as soon as you sell it on ebay that could be complicated.

How would you solve it easier? They have a method that involves the buyer sending one of those horrifically complicated things known as an ‘email’ and then Jennifer performs the equally horrific task of registering them. Oh, the horror.

Deal with the IRS. That is comlpicated and should be made easier. This is one of those things in life that, yes, involves more than clicking a button, but no, won’t lead to many hours of wasted time.


My employer has a similar situation, and we thought about what would work and such. We came to the conclusion that an automated method wasn’t worth the investment. It was easier to handle an “I’m going to sell this, please unregister it” on a case-by-case basis. It’s one of those things that a three-way conference call or two separate phone calls or emails handles better than plugging two people’s private information into an online form. :slight_smile:

Surely you only need one? A “I’m going to sell this, unregister me”

Then whoever buys it just sets up as a new user?

But what if, as in this case, you’re selling A to get B, and then selling B to get C?

Do you have to “unregister” your current username and re-register (with a new username?) under the serial numbers of the new devices you replaced? That would seem clunky and unwieldy (and underscores why serial-number based forum subscriptions do not scale).

hm good point. so either allowing several users with the same serial number or (even better) remove this crapy serial number stuff. There is no proper reason to hav it here anyway. If I want do show myself of as a Drobo user, I could go to my local electronic store buy the Drobo and give it back after writing down its serial number.

In hacker’s instance, you PM a forum administrator to ask them to update your serial number in the forum records.

You can actually change your own serial number when you edit your profile after clicking on User CP at the top of your screen.

ooh handy :slight_smile:

can you only change it to other valid serial numbers?

So if someone buys a second hand drobo - will you be booting the previous owner out of the forums? how will that be handled?

Wow, you people LOVE the “what if” game. LOL

As of now, we won’t boot them from the forum. I would hope that if someone gives up their drobo and they no longer have it they would be an adult and refrain from posting on DroboSpace unless they have useful/valuable information they could still share.

it passes the time - plus having ebayed two of my drobo and im encouraging my friend to pick up a second hand one - i wanna check it will work out ok for him :slight_smile:

wanna play battleships instead?

I would think that anyone who has owned, or still owns a Drobo would have experiences that could benefit others.

Restricting the forums to only current, active customers, is not a way to engender a feeling of community or sharing of information.

It’s not that we like that “what if” game. I spoke to a friend of mine who is doing IT consulting and when I showed him this topic his first reaction was a facepalm followed by “If we in our company would act like that we could close the company. That is a typical usecase that has to be one of the first points you have to solve before starting to sell your products. Do you want to give support for second hand users, or not? It is a question of money, you have to write it down in your sells contract.”

Warranty-wise, it depends on how it’s written. But this is a resource DRI provides for and to its customers. It’s up to them whether they want to provide it to second-hand customers or not.

I don’t see what the problem is. It’s too difficult to send an email or change your profile on a board that you’ve registered on?

DRI sells end-user products. There’s no real sales contract between DRI and the user beyond the warranty statement.

Your friend likely has the luxury of working in a small company not being whipped by management for money issues? Or perhaps they’re the owner of the company? :slight_smile: