What Happens To My Data If My Drobo FS Dies and Needs To Be Replaced?

Subject line is basically my question. What happens to my data if my Drobo FS dies/malfunctions and needs to be replaced? Will I simply be able to take my 5 x 2 TB drives out of the old FS and insert them into the new FS without data loss?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanx for the prompt reply. I was hoping this was the case.

I too am very glad to hear this as I had read on a web review somewhere that drives could not be moved from one Drobo-FS to another without data loss.

You can always move the disk pack (meaning the entire set of drives) from one Drobo unit to another same-model Drobo unit, as long as the firmware versions are the same (and sometimes even if they aren’t).

It’s moving between different models where it depends.
http://www.drobo.com/migration gives you the different scenarios.

But what if the Drobo fails in a couple of years and there is a new version by then?
Would you still need an FS first?

Depends on whether there’s a newer replacement for the FS that allows you to migrate the FS disk pack to it. If whatever the new unit is, is a true successor for the FS, then I would hope it would be able to “import” the FS disk pack.