What happens if Drobo fails?

Hi guys,

can anyboday explain what happens if a Drobo has a failure, like the power supply is dead or motherboard or something else - only the harddrives are alive?

Can the harddrives be put in a new Drobo and the data on the drives are save for further using?

Is the “RAID” information stored on the harddrives or in the drobo?

And can the harddrives in case of an Drobo failure be moved from a Drobo FS to a Drobo 5N?

[quote=“pauLee, post:1, topic:127979”]
Hi guys,

can anyboday explain what happens if a Drobo has a failure, like the power supply is dead or motherboard or something else - only the harddrives are alive?

Can the harddrives be put in a new Drobo and the data on the drives are save for further using?[/quote]
Pretty much. It’s like if your car dies, can you just get a new one?
Yes, as long as it died nicely, and not at highway speeds or in front of an oncoming truck.

[quote]Is the “RAID” information stored on the harddrives or in the drobo?[/quote]It’s stored on the drives.

Certainly. http://www.drobo.com/products/migrations.php

Thank you for that usefull link.

One question to a migration. They write someting about

“Read/Write performance – Read and Write performance about 75% compared to a Drobo 5N with a new disk pack”

when just putting all drive from FS to 5N.

Does it mean I have only 75% of the performance for all the time when using the second migration method?

They mean forevermore… but in my experience any performance impact has been negligible. I still push over 100MB/sec with my FS-migrated disk pack.

Thank you for that information.

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