What happened to the DoboCare Licensing information

Prior to 1.5.1 I thought Advanced Controls would show the date your DroboCare ended … I was also under the impression that “Check for Updates” would cease to check once you passed this date … Has this policy changed?

Dashboards 1.2.4 and lower required up to date license keys to update your dashboard or firmware, since that is no longer the case, the expiration date is no longer showing in the dashboard.

I feel that it is important to still include the information in the Dashboard, so that we are aware when our DroboCare License is about to run out so we can renew it. Otherwise it might result in a costly repair if the device is out of warranty.

The warranty is one year from date of purchase.

And what happens if I get my drobo replaced? Do I have again one year from the date I got the replacement?

I doubt so… it probably works just like the other gazillion electronic products u have?