What happened to Drobo PC Backup?

I just bought a new Drobo 5N and wanted to use Drobo PC Backup as I’ve had really good results with this in the past. I’m really happy with it. Can anyone tell me how I can get a copy?? It used to be free with the purchase of a new Drobo

You should try BitTorrent Sync available from the Drobo Apps section in Drobo Dashboard


You can sync/backup and access files from your mobile devicess too.

Thanks, I ended up installing Cobian Backup. Will give it a go, seems pretty decent so far.

I believe Drobo no longer bundled “Drobo PC Backup” software.

But like fellow users here, Bit Torrent Sync is a good choice…and also there are many 3rd party backup / sync software out there.

Thanks, I looked at Bit Torrent Sync but it looks like a straightforward Sync Program. I’d like to keep differential backups and be able to restore older versions of files if needed.
This won’t work for me.

I keep getting a message on Cobian 11 -
ERR 2015-07-30 11:36 Couldn’t create the destination directory “\DROBONAME\SHARENAME\DATA 2015-07-30 11-36-34 (Full)”: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

Looks like it could be a permissions issue. I am able to manually create a folder or file in the share but when the backup attempts to run I get the message above. On the server if I check the permissions on the DROBO shared drive it doesn’t have Domain Administrator and I’m unable to add an Active Directory user

Well BitTorrent does have a feature that allows you to restore previous versions, more info here


Nice, thanks for the tip. I will probably give it a try again