What good is it...

…to have the Drobo System Tray Application running on my computer when it doesn’t “look” for connected Drobos until after I open the application? How can it alert me of an issue without me having to go look for it first?

My Drobo Dashboard has always popped up a red flag when a drive has failed, even when sitting in the system tray.

hi dragonlord,
if you are on windows7, maybe the “customize” link will allow you to change when it appears.
eg, maybe it was somehow set to always be hidden by mistake?

I am on Win7, but it’s not about the icon being hidden in the taskbar area. Maybe on a failure it would notify me (haven’t had one yet…knock on wood).

It’s that I have to open the application, then search for “connected” drobos before it sees my networked 5N. So I wonder if it will notify me of a problem before I go looking.

hmm, what if you lauch dashboard, and look for drobos, and then minimise it… does it then stay in the tray?

It in the tray now, but i have to open it before I can “search” for drobos.

what happens if you search for drobos, and then minimise it again?
does it remember that it found one?

No it doesn’t remember.

ok sorry am out of ideas atm :slight_smile:

If you’re concerned about the dependability of the system tray icon, you can have your drobo email alerts to you under “Drobo Settings->Drobo Alerts” in the dashboard application.