What generation/model is my Drobo

Not knowing what model/generation my Drobo is, I wondered how to figure this out? One of my drives broke down, and I need a new one. No one seems to be able to tell me what drive currently available on the market I should purchase. Would love someone’s help. Thank You!

If you have a 4-bay drobo with USB and firewire connections on the back, then it would be a Gen2 machine. If it has USB only, it’s most likely a Gen-1. If it has 5 or more drive slots, you should be able to look it up online.

To verify, open Drobo Dashboard and connect to your Drobo; there its model (and serial number) will be displayed.

You can also visually confirm using the Drobo Calculator webpage:

As for recommended drives, refer to the Drobo Choose Drive webpage:

Make sure you read the fine print below each table. A separate caution on new WD Red drives however as they use shingled data storage and currently I would recommend avoiding them.

Thank you so very kindly

Christiaan Blok

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