What drive is going bad

I have been getting emails that data is not protected then about one minuet later it says that the data is now protected.

I can’t ever get to the drive in time to see what drive is going bad.

Is there a log that I can check to see what is going bad?

hi if you are able to make a support ticket with your diagnostics file, that should hopefully have the info which might show if a particular drive is having problems.

if you keep getting that very often though, then one way could simply be to run a screen capturing tool, so that a screenshot is taken of your dashboard app window every 5mins or something, and then when you get home you can match up the email time with the screenshot which might show you what dashboard was showing at the time?

Thats a great question. One that I have tried very hard to solve. If you drobo is under warranty they can help you easily support tells me. since mine was exhibiting the same issues as you describe but mine is out of warranty they told me to put the drives in a new drobo under warranty and they would help.

I don’t know the answer but by watching the lights you’ll see one generally go red then they flash. I assumed that one was going bad and it eventually about 3 weeks later went bad. Replaced it and it is now rebuilding actually. Been a long time though. about 48 hours.