What does this error mean?

I recently checked my Drobo FS Diagnostic log and see a few errors. My Drobo is all green and says its healthy but I see errors in the logs. Does anyone know what these mean, specifically error 57 shutting down socket 9?


Joe P.

TM: 0xb0628000 04\01 19:43:15 Error - TMPrefs::GetPref: CFPreferencesCopyAppValue did not find a value for key[Software_Drobo_TM_DDSvcUser1_81B49A9CA194BE83_Everyone_Home_Movies]
TM: 0xb031c000 04\01 19:45:33 Error - NetUDPSocket::Shutdown: got error 57 shutting down socket 9

Hi Joe,

Did you ever get an answer to your question. I see the same error on the log reports, yet my Drobo appears to be working well.


Brian D.

I also have a lot of these and wonder what they mean…