What does flashing green light on back of mini mean?

I have looked all over and can’t find an answer. The power supply LED is solid green, but the drobo never finishes booting. With or without drives. Could the PS be bad?

The box stays in a state with the front power light and all 4 drive lights a steady amber.

hi jazure, as far as i know the psu lights are the same on lots of models including the mini, and that the psu light should be a solid green from the info here:

if you can check the psu are you using this psu?
“Drobo” AC Adapter Model: EA1071C

another test you could try would be to power all down, and to unplug all power and connection cables from the drobo,
and to then remove all your drives (remembering the order) and to plug in the power and to try powering up while empty… what happens now?

(please only put your drives back into where there were Only when power is OFF though)

can i also check if this was working before?
i only ask because if you got this 2nd hand off ebay or something, then maybe the seller might have included a different psu which might not be what is required for the mini?

Thank you Paul - it is a unit I purchased direct I believe. And the power supply is the original.

I have tried the procedure you have outlined, and the results are the same. The fans turn on, but the green LED on the unit stays blinking indefinitely.

If the Drobo Mini WITHOUT drives is able to powered up BUT all drive bays light up solid YELLOW or RED light. This may be a indication of a faulty unit.

If this is a new purchase, you can submit a support ticket with Drobo and request for a DOA exchange.

I was afraid of that :frowning: I bought it new 1.5 years ago new from Amazon. What a drag this has been … I guess I could buy another one to get my data off of it and return it when I’m done.