What does Drive Status "Healed" mean

In a search I see similar posts but couldn’t find a response.

I received an email stating:

Data protection is in progress. You may continue accessing your data, but please do not remove any hard drives until the data protection process has completed.

I went on to the dashboard and 4 drives show Health of “Good” while one shows “Healed”. What’s the difference - should I consider replacing it?

Drobo 5N
5x3 TB HDD. Capacity shows 3.78TB Used, 7.06TB Free (35/65)
Firmware: 3.5.12 [8.96.86249]
Dashboard: 3.0.0
(Check via Dashboard shows both are latest)


hi rmgruen,
good health is pretty much exactly that, though as far as i know Healed means some problems were encountered on that drive, but that it was able to recover (and there is also a Warning label, which i believe is when it keeps encountering more errors)

if your drobo is still carrying out data protection, or a rebuild, (which can usually last for about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on your drobo), or if it is still flashing yellow and green lights, then i would wait to let it finish, and then if you had another new / good / blank / or un-needed drive to use as a replacment, then you could either wait to see how things go over some more time, or could swap it out for the replacement (while the drobo is on).

the drobo will probably keep an eye on the drive and let you know if it fails, and may mark it as bad over time, but if you do happen to have a replacement to hand, you could do a swap as above.

currently though, it looks as though you have single SDR drive redundancy, so if all of the drives currently inside of your drobo happened to come from the same batch, and if you do not already have a backup, it might be good to copy your data first if feasible.

I have had a 6TB HDD healed by my Drobo some time back, noting it rebuilding the HDD to ‘green’ after the blinking ‘green/yellow’ data redistribution, but it was forever marked as ‘Healed’ on the Drobo Dashboard. There has been no follow-up issue with the HDD or the array with it performing normally, but when my Drobo capacity reached the 85% mark, that particular HDD was highlighted ‘yellow’ as the HDD to be upsized first.