What do you know, this thing IS on...

Like many, I’ve wondered as of late whether DRI was continuing to monitor these forums, especially since Jennifer left and Kurt’s postings came more infrequently.

Well, this morning I received a call from a very helpful person at DRI who had seen my… ahem… voluminous posting here on the forums. Along the way, she confirmed a few things that folks might like to know:
[]There are people at DRI monitoring the forums and watching for problems. They still ask for support cases, as that’s the best way to track issues, collect diagnostic information, etc, but what we’re going on about down here isn’t unnoticed. For me, that alone is huge - I really was wondering if we were down to self-support and support tickets only.
]Speaking of support cases, they are actively looking into the issues surrounding Lion, Time Machine, etc, so if you haven’t opened a support ticket, do so, and if you have, hang tight. Nothing like an ETA was given as they’re in the early stages of looking at it, but they are indeed looking into the matter.
[]The forums are now open to the public apparently. I recall back when I registered that a serial number was required, which made it difficult to ascertain what issues existed with the product before purchasing. It seems that since June they’ve been open to registration by all, which is a very positive step. (It does explain the few pieces of spam we’ve also seen show up - good to know it’s not compromised accounts!)
]There’s some discussion regarding the length of DRI’s phone support. When I indicated that my understanding was 90 days of phone support and a 1-year warranty, she seemed very surprised and indicated it should be 1-year of both. If you’re outside the 90-days but inside the 1-year, might try giving phone support a shot and see what happens.
All of that said, I would implore DRI to take a more active role in the forums. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours a day to monitor threads and reply with helpful advice, and it would go a long way towards improving customer relations. Just in the last few days alone, having someone comment on any of these support threads would have been simple and welcome, let alone some of the thornier threads we’ve had lately.

Right now I’m working on a reproducible test case for my “slow AFP performance with many files with Mac metadata” issue, and I plan on filing tickets for Drobo Dashboard issues - but it’s good to know we’re not on our own in the forum.

This kind of news is great to hear!!! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that they’re still watching even if they’re not posting a lot.

Great news. I have always had very good support from Drobo so I was wondering why things were the way they have been the past week or so.



Regarding your #3, your helpful representative would not be so surprised if she had read the DroboCare web page which says…

[color=#FF4500]“Technical Support: 90 days from date of purchase” [/color]

or… the official legal warranty page linked from the DroboCare link above, which says…

[color=#FF4500]“Technical Support: During the Warranty Period, You, as part of this limited warranty coverage, are entitled to access Drobo’s online help resources to address any question about the Product (“Online Help Resources”). For a period of ninety days from purchase by You (“Technical Support Access Period”), as part of this limited warranty coverage, if the Online Help Resources don’t address the support issue, You are entitled to initiate a support request online at www.drobo.com/support. After the Technical Support Access Period, support requests may be made at an additional fee.”[/color]

(emphasis mine)

I hate to rain on anybody’s parade and I’ve been accused before of rehashing my grievances but this is another case where someone on the phone at Drobo said something that either conflicts with official policy, leaving us to ponder the unponderable, or what is said never comes to pass, as I’ve mentioned in a recent thread based on my own experience. Especially given my experience and others here I am reluctant to rely on verbal assurances, especially 3rd hand as the case is here. If they are providing 12 months tech support they should just say so in the official warranty and the related web page summaries I’ve linked. “They” should certainly not feign surprise at our questions and concerns.