What causes DDB to loose connection with DFS?

I’m running the latest Drobo DashBoard and Drobo FS firmware.
Yet at least once per day, all my Drobo DashBoard on all of my 3 (wireless connected) laptops, loose connectivity with the Drobo FS at the same time.

I’ve checked the Support pages and it simply states that I should update to the latest versions, which I’m already running).

Checked my wireless connectivity log and it shows its been up all the time.

All 3 of my Windows 7 and XP laptops all have proper signal strength to the wireless.

So it must be the Drobo FS, which shows only green lights when I check it.

Already set my disks to never spin down, but that didn’t solve it.

To at least continue access to the drives, I mounted the Drobo FS on my laptops directly, instead of using the DDB feature, especially since it still has an annoying bug that results in “The Resource is already in use”.
So now when DDB looses connectivity to my DFS, at least I can still go to the data. However functions of DDB are unavailable, like DroboCopy.

Anybody know what causes the connectivity loss, so I can solve it?

Your feedback is much appreciated.

I don’t have answers, but do have the same problem with the Drobo FS ‘checking out’ momentarily. I’m on a wired network, and all connections are aborted, then in about 45 seconds they magically restore. It’s like the Drobo takes a vacation for a bit. Of course, this creates problems if you have a copy operation in progress.

My Drobo is 2 days old, latest firmware, latest dashboard, new disks, blah blah.

Seems like a bug…

Try too use Windows or Finder to connect. I have ditched DDB due too similar issues except it wouldnt reconnect before I rebooted. I could always connect with Finder Even though the DDB was “blind”. With Finder and montwatcher it has been very stabile for a long time now.